Branson honors legendary performer Shoji Tabuchi


BRANSON NEWS: BRANSON, Mo. – The city of Branson has officially proclaimed August 31st as Shoji Tabuchi Day in the live entertainment capital.

Earlier today, a presentation in front of the Clay Cooper Theatre brought out leaders of the city as well as the entertainment community. Shoji Tabuchi and his daughter, Christina Lingo-Tabuchi, said they were honored to be celebrated in Branson.

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“We are so appreciative of the town, and all that folks afforded us over the years,” said Shoji Tabuchi.

“It’s our home,” Christina Lingo-Tabuchi added. “We love it. We love all the people that come to see us, and there’s so much to do in Branson. There is something for everyone, and that is why we love it and the fact that it is family-friendly as well.”

The Tabuchi’s were serenaded with twin fiddles at today’s ceremony played by fellow performers, Wayne Massengale, and Melody Hart.

“Whenever you’re getting to play this song in front of your fiddle hero… it tightens you up just a little bit,” said Massengale.

Clay Cooper hosted the event and said no one deserves this honor more than Shoji Tabuchi and his family.

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“I look up to Shoji and everything he’s done for this city,” said Cooper. “I would say Shoji Tabuchi and the Shoji Tabuchi Show is the original pioneer of Branson, Missouri, and bringing production shows to Branson.”

The Shoji Tabuchi Show performed in Ohio this June. It was the family’s first performance since the covid-19 pandemic began. Christina Lingo-Tabuchi said now they are preparing for next year.

“We’re starting to turn our towards next year, and as soon as we have all of that information lined out, we will get it on our website and social media, and we will have it out there,” said Lingo-Tabuchi.


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