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Throwback to an interview with the amazing Jamie Haage!

If you’re looking for a comedian who brings more to the stage than just laughs and punch lines, look no farther than the legendary Jim Dandy at Grand Country Music Hall. Born and raised in the Ozarks, Jim Dandy, known in real life as Jamie Haage, has been entertaining up and down the 76 strip for over 30 years. He spent many of these years entertaining at Silver Dollar City, making folks laugh in Echo Hollow night after night. He has also performed with The Plummer Famiy, Buck Trent, the Wilkinson Brothers, and has been the Funny Man at Grand Country Funny Man for more than 12 years.

Jamie is a comedian of many talents. Along with great jokes and stories, Jamie is also an incredibly talented musician. There’s not an instrument on stage he can’t play, and he is featured nightly on the ukulele, banjo, pedal steel guitar, drums, piano and the fiddle at the Grand Jubilee. He also has an incredible voice and nobody sings a gospel song quite like him. We’re still waiting for an album to be recorded…

When he’s not entertaining Branson visitors or the Wild Bunch, Jamie can be found either on the lake with his four-legged co-captains Porter and Dolly, or in the kitchen. Rumor has it he can cook exactly like Julia Childs (he even sounds like her!)

And by the way; if you see an older-ish man in an orange suit jacket rolling around town in an orange motorized scooter with a trailer, it’s Jim Dandy’s 106-year old Grandpa Dandinio. If you remember, please tell him that Dolly and her motorcade are waiting for him so they can hit the road. He’s scheduled to be her opening act on her world-wide book tour, “Big Hair…and Little Feet.”

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