Forever Young by Beckie Fairchild

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We all have a story…and as you listen to the music in Forever Young, you might be surprised to hear them telling YOUR story, or at least part of it. Growing up in a small town, you’ll meet 5 best friends, held together with school adventures, ballfield glory days…and the music. Tastes might be slightly different, but whenever the needle hit the record, the music was there. Grade school days turn into highschool days, and baseball glory days turn into nights snuggled on the couch with a girlfriend, or rocking out on guitars…and the music is still there.

After highschool, story lines diverge. Whether it be a high-rolling life in Vegas; a contract with the New York Mets; a 5 day a week desk job; a life filled with travel and the open seas; playing piano in a Texas bar; or starring on Broadway…the music is still there. No matter how far, no matter how close, the music will pull you together. It will be there through the hard times, the happy times, the times you didn’t expect and the times you never want to forget.. Music is that powerful; it shortens the miles, it brings back the memories and the right songs will always make you feel forever young.

Forever Young is an original Branson show written by brothers Josh and Justin Sassenella  and stars local Branson favorites Chadd Rudden, Brad Baker, Avilla Martin and Aaron Mor. The show weaves original stories about growing up together with the songs we all know from Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, the Beatles and Bon Jovi to Johnny Cash, Michael Buble and Huey Lewis. You won’t walk away from this show without a smile on your face and you’ll be humming these familiar tunes throughout your day. Catch this show at its new home at the Hughes Brothers Theater!

-Guest Contributor Beckie Fairchild



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