Branson Salvation Army hosts first annual Turkey Bowl



BRANSON, Mo. — The Branson Salvation Army hosted a new event at the Holidays on Ice Skating Rink with hopes for it to become an annual fundraiser.

Turkey Bowl pitted the city’s police Chief Jeff Matthews against the Branson fire Chief Ted Martin. The contestants had five opportunities to knock down their set of pins; each strike added $100 of donations for the Branson Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army are the winners,” said Matthews. “It was a tough game. The fire chief held up his deal. He won. We bow to the fire chief tonight.”

The event ended with Chief Martin taking home the inaugural golden bowling pin trophy.

“I may be the champion of turkey bowling, but it’s really, the real winner for Chief Matthews and I is the Salvation Army,” said Martin. “It’s community caring time here with the Track Family Fun Parks and here at Holidays on Ice. So hopefully made a good impact tonight and championed a community in Branson, Missouri.”

Both chiefs said they can’t wait for Turkey Bowl next year.

“I hope we’re back and get to bowl one more time, turkey or not,” said Martin.

Everyone who donated at the event received a free pair of rental skates so they could enjoy Holidays on Ice.


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