Matt Gumm – Branson Comedian With Clay Coopers Country Music Express

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Who is Matt Gumm? Known for his unique characters and comedy impersonations, Matt comes from a family of professional entertainers.  Matt Gumm has been performing in Branson with Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express for over a decade. 

In this episodes:

Stand up comedy

Matt’s childhood and upbringing

Ozark Opry becomes a comedy college

The high school years

Saturday Night Live

The college experience

Should you do your own show in Branson?

Interacting with audiences

Branson shows vs attractions

Gambling in Branson


For What It’s Worth…

When Matt hears the word successful, who does he think of an why?


What is something Matt believes that other people think is insane?

What book would Matt gift to others?

Matt’s favorite movie and or documentary

What is a skill that Matt has that might surprise others?


HOST CHRISTOPHER JAMES Christopher James, Branson’s Male Entertainer of the Year, hosts All Things Branson, has a daily show in Branson Missouri and was named the Emcee of the Year, Magician of the Year, Comedian of theYear, Most Creative Performer, Top 5 Club Act of the Year, and Best Stage Act of the Year by the Magician’s Alliance, Campus Activities Magazine, and Branson Show Awards.

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