Media Release: City of Branson

Date:March 16, 2020


BRANSON, Mo – As we have watched and continue to monitor all developments involving the Coronavirus, we as a City want to make you aware of steps that we are involved in to ensure the safety of our residents and guests.

As many of you are aware the Governor has issued a State of Emergency restricting groups of over fifty people. The declaration does not apply to businesses, day cares, or learning institutions. Our Board of Alderman will be meeting on 03-17-2020 to work on strategic planning during this trying event.

We as a City are in daily conversation with Health Care officials on the Federal, State and local level. Their best guidance at this time is to follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control regarding social distancing, washing of hands, and actually discouraging all gatherings especially those of 50 people or more.

Our staff is working to eliminate the need for our citizen’s to have to come into City Hall to pay water bills with electronic measures as well as with our drive up payment box on the Southside of City Hall. We are also encouraging the use of our new on-line building plan submittal system for those in the construction industry. We have closed our Community Center for meetings however, are still providing much needed meals to those that rely on the food from the Center by delivering food to those individuals. We are working to identify all areas where we can reduce person to person contact.

Our business owners are rational, common sense folks that always step up during any event allowing us to put our best foot forward. You will find a link on our website that will direct you to a Chamber of Commerce website updated daily showing businesses that are open or closed or on a reduced schedule. You will also find links to the CDC for guidance for individuals and businesses.

All of these steps are being taken, along with numerous others, to provide for our community. We are attempting to reduce any disruptions for our residents while responding to this issue as a resilient community. We are prepared for the long haul and are dedicated to weathering this storm like we have all others, together

Stan Dobbins

City Administrator

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