Retro games and an ’80s experience come with a stop at 1984 Branson Arcade


BRANSON NEWS: Located in the Shoppes at Branson Meadows, the 1984 Branson Arcade stands out as a place to play retro games, as well as enjoy an authentic retro experience.For Ron Murphy, one of the partners, opening an arcade was a “natural fit.” Growing up, Murphy loved the arcade world. But home video game consoles have since replaced most arcades, leaving younger generations without that experience.Murphy wanted to expose them to the game world he loved when he was younger.An arcade lets customers experience a slice of the 1980s along with the games. The 1984 Branson Arcade has display areas lined with memorabilia from the decade — toys, electronics, even TVs playing classics on VHS.“Our favorite slogan is ‘We’re so much more than an arcade,’ ” Murphy said. “We like to think of it as an ‘80s experience when you come in.”Customers only need to pay a $10 admission fee to view the memorabilia and play any of the 65 video games that are available. Those include classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede and Galaga.Others, such as the pinball machines and air hockey table, require quarters to play.The arcade can be rented as a venue for birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions and other events. Call or stop by the arcade in person to reserve a date.Since opening the arcade, Murphy has become aware of the varying experiences that define different generations.Older people come in with a sense of nostalgia about the games and displays that may belong to their past, he said.Many younger people have played the games on a modern platform, They already understand the rules, Murphy said, but are noticeably impressed by the original equipment.Finally, those who have never experienced any of the older games go through a learning process to master the game and the controls, he said, and then they really have fun with it.“On these classic games, the adults and the kids are right there side-by-side playing,” Murphy said. “It’s a really cool family experience.”


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