The Taney County Health Department is urging people to sign up for the Covid-vaccine after 13 …



BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Lisa Marshall the Director of the Taney County Health Department tells us that Tier-2 Covid-19 vaccinations have begun.

Last week they were able to vaccinate about one-hundred people who are considered high risk

”So that is sixty-five years and older and also those that have chronic conditions,” Marshall said.

The fastest way to a vaccination is to utilize the website to get your name on the waiting list.

“We don’t know about people who want a vaccine that haven’t contacted us so when we go to schedule we are requiring registration so we can’t get you on our registration list to get you an appointment time slot if we don’t know about you so we need everyone who wants a vaccine to submit their information through that list,” Marshall said.

The Health department said they were able to get a hold of about 460 doses of the vaccine this week.

”The vaccine is still very limited throughout the state of Missouri and Taney County is no different,” Marshall said.

Jaki Harwell a Taney County resident plans to get vaccinated and says the slow roll out has given her time to make that decision.

”A lot of my friends in healthcare have all gotten at least the first dose of the vaccine which gives me a lot of confidence because those are people I know and trust and care about,” Harwell said.

While many Taney County residents are anxiously awaiting the vaccine, some say they are still skeptical.

”No, I’m not going to take an unknown toxin into my body that was developed in within a year just because I’m living in a state of fear,” Beverly Pierson, a Taney County resident said.

Marshall said she wants to reassure the community that they are on top of requesting the vaccines and as soon as they get them they are turning around and scheduling clinics.

To sign up for the Taney County COVID-19 vaccine waiting list go to

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